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rfs trim tabs
the new compact RocketFlap Lite is a marine trim tab system
INVENTED to boost runabout hulls onto the plane automatically

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the plane solution without the compromises
  Simply by utilizing a boats own forward motion while accelerating onto the plane, downward deployed tabs, retarded by rams, are gradually pushed up by the resultant water pressure achieving the desired LIFT to assist the boat onto the plane effortlessly ...  
      RocketFlap Lite Key Features    
  trim tab systems such as Bennett or Lenco, will drastically improve the 'hole shot' and thereby fuel economy, of any fast planning runabout hull. However, manufacturers of runabouts in the approximate range of 17ft to 22ft, typically DO NOT install such trim tabs.


Cost, installation implications but mainly for the practical reasons below;

Firstly, smaller craft tend to spend most of their day ON/OFF the plane. Conventional systems are relatively slow in operation and require input from the driver. Such manual operation - having to remember to position each tab correctly before starting off and constantly adjusting them as the boat accelerates to plane - can soon become tiresome.

Secondly, unlike larger sized craft which can benefit from a conventional system to counteract wave, wind etc. smaller runabouts generally do not require an independent means of lateral adjustment, when simply moving people or gear around will suffice for side to side correction.

Concentrated Hard Lift produced over a very short duration to lift the hull while accelerating onto the plane.
Any addition of Trim tabs to a boats transom provides increased surface area and therefore additional lift. Simply installing a pair of movable tabs dampened by moderate springs will provide some lift. However, if you want an automatic system to produce meaningful, hard lift then the tabs movement needs to be effectively retarded .

ONLY provides lift when you need it - while accelerating onto plane
To avoid undesirable 'bow steering' a critical design goal was to minimize the effect the tabs have after the hull was up and on the plane.

RocketFlap automatic
trim tabs - see the complete video operation

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